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Get “Communication Skills Expert” Certification

People instantly understand what you can do for them, they think about the “communication problems” they want solved.

Be a Communication Skills Expert™.acs-100

  • Minimum 3 months practicum between courses.
  • Can apply skills in ANY context.
  • Focus on behavioral competency.
  • Training details.

Got equivalent NLP certification?

The first problem, is quickly getting someone to understand what you can do for them. Say it all in just 3 words!

Do you have to give long explanations about your current certification? Imagine your prospects and customers trying to explaining about you!

  • They may need to talk with someone else before committing.
  • They will want to tell friends and associates about you.

Improve communication:

  • People instantly understand what you can do for them.
  • They can easily communicate about you to other people.

Get your Communication Skills Expert™ certificate.cs--expert-0

Certificate Fee: USD $200

ROI / Payback = 1 client.

You will need to E-mail us the following information:

  • Training provider.
  • Training Completion Date.
  • Duration of your training.
  • Your name (as you want it on certificate).
  • Your mailing address.

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